Check These Out

If you’re here, you might like checking out other fun internet content. If you do, might I recommend:

Beautiful. Brazen. Braniacs. – My friend Karysa developed this amazing site, while she was homeschooling her three kids and going to school. She takes writing from talented women she knows (full disclosure – I’m a contributor) and gives their voice a platform. If you like intelligent, sassy insights from a modern day feminist perspective – you should check this out.

Courtney B Ellis – Courtney writes about faith, friendship, parenthood & life. If you like someone who is funny and witty, but not a jerk – you’ll love her content. She updates regularly, and she’s super delightful.

Two Peas In a Podcast – My husband Del and I started a podcast about relationships. The goal of the podcast is to let you know that in a relationship – you can like your partner very, very much. The podcast has two parts: Ps & Qs & The Split. In the former, we take on a relationship question, and in the latter we discuss a relationship research article.

Risk! – This is my all time favorite podcast. It’s a storytelling podcast, where the tellers share stories they never thought they’d share. I love it – because it is brutally honest. When I listen to other podcasts they call feel contrived, but Risk always feels authentic. Word to the wise – it is definitely rate R.