About Me

If you give me a project, I can tell you ten ways to over complicate it. I’m that good.

I believe that most things can be made better with good data, and everything is better with Jesus.

My parents raised me to thrive off of hard work, the love of family, being kind to strangers, using curse words as nouns and verbs, and enjoying well placed sarcasm.

I dislike cliche phrases, people that aren’t clever, the NRA, the NBA, too many acronyms, people that deny climate change, and people that don’t use digital marketing.

My husband and I live in a house that is incredibly too large for the two of us, so we just had our first baby to help fill up some of the space. We enjoy spending our time working out, watching Netflix, complaining about the lack of celiac friendly restaurants in our town, figuring out how to parent a super chubby baby, and cuddling like it’s going out of style.

I believe the world is full of opportunities to stop sucking at who you are today, and to take a minute to go get it right.