On a more efficient way to meal prep…

We just had a baby, and she the most wonderful addition to our lives. However, between the baby, trying to do some extracurricular activities, and working full-time – it was difficult to think of when we would have time to make dinner. We thought about eating out more frequently, but that gets expensive quickly and I have a lot of food allergies. We thought about eating more pizzas and pre-prepared meals, but we prefer cooking fresh food.

At work I’m on the performance improvement (PI) team. Basically, we’re a team of people that sit around and think of ways to make everything more efficient. We help the people we work with plan their days so they can get more done. So I figured, why not PI our food? A co-worker had told me, “We just eat the same thing all the time.” At this point in our lives, I thought that was a fantastic idea and a great way to simplify a family that just added a new human.

Enter – meal prep Sundays. The idea is that we:

  • always buy the same food, so we do not have the spend time coming up with a new grocery list
  • except we have ‘Wild Card’ days where we either make something from what we have in the pantry or we go out to eat
  • we prep a egg casserole to make for morning breakfast
  • we make enough food for dinner so we can take it the next day for lunch
  • we prep everything in 2 hours on Sunday – then on the day of we cook what we prepped
  • we also found that this saved on doing some dishes. Because everything prepped in one sitting we wash fewer knives, cutting boards, pots and pans

If you want to make this happen, here are the two tools you need:

  1. The grocery list. I keep our list on google drive so my husband and I can access it whenever we need to. We also get everything at Aldi because it is more affordable and takes way less time than going to a larger grocery store.GROCERY LIST
  2. The meal prep chart. I printed this out and pinned it on the fridge. When Sunday hits we move along and make everything.

food prep

I wanted to share in case it saves any of the active people in my life some time.

Enjoy! And happy cooking.

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