On all these politics…

I actually like politics. Nay – love it.

In college, I was on student senate all four years. My senior year I was President.

So I LOVE debates, but although I love them – I’ve been struggling recently.

On the Myers Briggs I’m an INTJ. INTJ’s are exceptionally rare, and are most scarce among women. My most extreme trait – is thinking. My colleagues and my friends took the MBTI, and among all of them I scored the lowest percentage for ‘feeling.’ So if you want a cold, calculating, rational, objective person – I’m your gal.

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On a practical level, this means that the majority of my decisions are based on thoughts and evidence, and not how I feel (although, it’s totally arguable that I just rationalize my feelings). Please note here that I’m NOT saying my way of thinking is superior to others; it isn’t. There are many valid ways to come to a decision. And this isn’t to say I never make decisions based on feelings. Two months ago I bought an inflatable donut because I just liked it; I try to allow myself 6 feelings-based decisions a year (let’s not get too crazy).

In regards to politics, this means that I’m fully capable of having a best friend that I totally disagree with on politics. And in reality – I do. One of my best friends – politically – is the complete opposite of me. I say tomato, she says tomato. But what we have in common is the fact that we enjoy debate, and can put feelings aside to engage in a thoughtful argument. I’m salivating just thinking about it.

The thing is, most people are not capable of putting their feelings aside.

And honestly – I can’t always do it. And I am scientifically the most rational person I know.

For the last few months, how people respond to politicians has seemed like a weird, hazy blur of irrationality to me.

I see what someone posts on Facebook, and all I can see is lines of hypocrisy.

Sally said: “This is just SO MEAN.”

Followed by…

Sally commented that: “These people are FUCKING IDIOTS.”


Jim said: “Hillary Clinton is SUCH a liar.”

Followed by…

Jim said: “Trump’s honesty will lead us to greatness.” (ahem… wha?…)

I’m not telling you how to vote here, because science has proven you wouldn’t listen to me anyways.

I am, however, tired of the hypocrisy. And the person I’m most tired of hearing it from – is myself.

I’m calling out Sally and Jim, but I’d be lying if I said I’d never written a scathing post or comment.

I say I’m rational. I say I’m evidence based. But when I think of why I dislike a candidate, its mostly based on a deep feeling. A deep feeling that they are X, and Y, and Z. And I don’t know what to do with that?

I want to trust these feelings. But I’ve seen how feelings play out on Facebook and in business, and usually…. It doesn’t end well. Yet here I sit – feeling pissed off.

Pissed off at the hypocrisy. Angry at people who aren’t doing what they said they would. And angry that the root of it all is a feeling, and not a thought derived from evidence. I mean – why do we even HAVE science?

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And I’m one of them.

And at this point, I always come to the same question: “What would Jesus want from me?”

Would he want me to write a comment tearing a brother or sister apart? Probably not.

Would he want me to tie a Bible verse to a political position? Unlikely (although I’d be REALLY good at it).

Would Jesus vote for Hilary, or Trump, or Jill, or Gary? That is impossible to be known.

I don’t have every answer (who does?). But I think what Jesus would want, is for me to love my brothers and sisters. He would want me to listen to them, and share my views – as kindly as I can. He would want me to forgive errors I see and to look hard within myself to understand my own failings.

And I think – he’d want me to try to feel as much love for my brothers and sisters – especially those I disagree with – as he would have for me.

Because at the end of the day, worshipping a false idol is just wrong (Exodus 20:3).

And at the end of the day, we’re called to love each other (1 Peter 4:8).

And at the end of the day, Jesus is The King (Revelation 17:14).

 I think and I feel that is true.

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So let’s just CTFO!

2 thoughts on “On all these politics…

  1. As a homeless man without access to multiple forms of ID, they probably wouldn't let Jesus vote.

    But really, as an INFP, I struggle to engage in any dialogue with someone whose values oppose mine. It gets personal so fast. Tell me your basic fiscal platform preferences and I can make the immediate connection to how much you must hate puppies and want to ban pizza in the US.

    Thanks for the perspective!


  2. Thanks for commenting!

    BaH! Lolz. Yeah, probably not. Poor Jesus 😦

    It's weird. I can't say I react the same way as an INFP, but I can understand how it must be to feel so strongly and deeply about issues. I'm guessing its deep, and intense, and takes over everything. I think you can probably kick a lot of ass with that!! Get it grl…

    When I was in college I had this friend Nick (we're still friends). We had completely opposite political views – totally opposite. I would say we should have been in Rwanda, and he would say “No boots on the ground!” I wanted to save strangers, he wanted to save American lives. But the kicker was – he had been a Marine in Iraq. Between the Nick and myself, he was the only one who had actually saved a life (at that point in time). Nick was good for me. I think beneath the initial “a;lsdkjf;alsdjf”; there's always something deeper. Hence, the 'N,' in the INTJ.


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