On our home…

Today, we move out of the house.

I bought the house three years ago while I was married to my ex-husband. At the time, I remember buying the house hoping it could somehow help the marriage. But buying things doesnt just fix stuff.

While I am at work at my new job Del, my mom, my mom & dad in-law, and several friends will pack and clean the rest of the house.

I cried all the way to the gym this morning. I cried last night. For the last few years I hated that stupid house.

I hated the living room because I had put so much time and money into it. I hated the bedrooms, because I was not allowed to pick their color – or to decorate them. I hated the kitchen, because although it is easily the best room in the house – I had not been allowed to bake in it. I hated the house because it stood for all the work I had put into something, only for it to become abusive and painful.

So right after I got divorced, I put the house up for sale.

In November of 2012, Del and I got married and moved into the house. We had our wedding reception in the living room. We signed our marriage license in the basement. Someone put mustache stickers all over the house.

In December of 2012, we accepted an offer on the house. They said they loved the mustache stickers.

Last night, as we spent our last night in the house – it hit me. Now, I love that stupid house and am sad to see it go. I am sad because in two short months Del and I filled that house with so much fun and laughter and food. We had friends over. Family spent the weekend. We played video games. I baked so much food!

I see it so clearly now. I love the house, because we made it a home.

A house is just walls on the ground. But a home is where you live. And you live when you share your life with people. Things are nice, but stuff does not fix what is broken.

Del and I move on. We are renting a house. We may not own the house, but we will make it a home. We will fill it with enough fun to make Barnem and Bailey look like chumps. And if you ever want to stop by, call or text (well, no one creepy please). We look forward to sharing our lives.

And I pray that the young couple who bought the house have as much fun as I did with Delbert.

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