On a moment…

On a moment…

I work for a billion dollar company that hires thousands of people throughout the world.  As a worker for my company, I work within another billion dollar company that employs thousands of people throughout the world.  So, as you can imagine, on most days I feel quite small.  To add another level, I work for a data company that produces something like 40,000,000 new bits of information every single day.  That means I learn something new every day, but it also means that most days you are left feeling relatively inadequate and uniformed.

But today – just a few seconds ago – I had a moment.

I was asked to pull data for someone.  I am the lowest possible person on the totem pull where I work.  But a manager asked me to pull data that she wants to share with a vice president of some company in New York City.  The thing is, in order for them to get the data I need to go through this fun legal process song and dance (the treaded third party agreement – shudder….).  At some point during this several hour long ordeal – my brain clicked.

I realized that I am a peon sitting at the desk of the largest cereal maker in the world pulling data for the largest market research firm in the world.  BUT in order for this cereal maker to move with this other company in New York City – they need my help.  Yes, someone else on my team could do it, but it is on me.  And at this moment, if these two companies want anything – I am the conduit, the power cord, the electric tape holding it all together.

So I will manage the legal process.  I will pull the data.  I will do everything that I can to help.

But in my world of billion dollar transactions where no one knows your name – for this moment – for this one split second – what I did mattered.  I helped.  I was supportive.  I was there.  I did my job.  I had a moment.

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